Journey to Freedom - . . . providing after abortion ministry training
Kim Olson, Program Director and Trainer
Since 1993 Kim has devoted her heart and ministry to those hurting from a past abortion or feel stuck in the pain of that decision.
In 1994 she began leading abortion recovery groups at the Pregnancy Resource Center in Charlotte, NC.  Kim then served 8 years as Director of Abortion Recovery Ministry at Real Options for Women in Plano, TX followed by serving for 5 years as Manager of Hope for the Heart’s Abortion Recovery Ministry in Dallas, TX.  She co-authored with  Angie Cote and Teri Reisser the Abortion Recovery Peer Counselor’s Manual (4th edition revised) and the Abortion Recovery Trainer’s Manual. Kim’s relationship with Hope for the Heart continues on a contract/consultant basis.
In 2012, Kim joined Carolina Pregnancy Care Fellowship as Director of Journey to Freedom. Today, Kim provides training both nationally and internationally and has trained for Care Net, Heartbeat International, Life International, Africa Cares for Life, and Canadian Association of Pregnancy Support Services.
Kim and her husband Jim live in Alabama. She describes her husband as the “wind beneath her wings” who continues to encourage and support her efforts in this vital ministry.
           “Healing is a hallmark of Kim’s anointed ministry. On numerous
            occasions, I have seen God use her to help post-abortive women
            reclaim their lives—replacing ongoing guilt with forgiveness. . .
            replacing their fear and dysfunction with freedom. Kim is one of
            the nation’s leading Abortion Recovery Ministry experts—a
            sought-after speaker and trainer the world over. . .and for good
            reason. I know of no one who is more qualified and capable to
            meet any need related to this sensitive topic.”
               __June Hunt, Founder, CEO & CSO (Chief Servant Officer)
                 Hope for the Heart 
                 Author of How to Forgive. . . When You Don't Feel Like It
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