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Frequently Asked Questions
Who attends this training?
Attendees who are committed to help hurting women and men recover from the emotional and spiritual issues following a pregnancy loss or termination, such as miscarriage, stillbirth, after abortion, infertility, etc. This includes professional and lay counselors, staff and volunteers for pregnancy resource centers, clergy, etc.

What makes this different from other programs?
The training is designed to be used with any Bible study pertaining to grief and loss issues. It is accomplished in a small, intimate setting—usually with 4 to 45 people in attendance. Because of the intense nature of the material, it is done in a 3-day time frame. During this time, participants are encouraged to develop ongoing relationships with one another and to become a mutual source of encouragement and support. Upon completion, attendees can then schedule a "Hands On"  training. (See "Hands On" Training)

What materials are covered in this training?
The Abortion Recovery Training Manuals by Teri Reisser and Angie Cote with Kim Olson. The manuals are designed to teach others how to set up and implement pregnancy loss or termination groups as well as other issues pertaining to grief. Particular attention is devoted to the grief and Biblical healing models, how to set up and run groups, forms and handouts needed for start up groups as well as working with different personalities in a group setting.
Once the training is complete, how is it used?
Many return to an existing ministries and make changes or improvements. Others start their own ministry – or join an existing work – in their geographic area.

What makes Kim qualified to lead a Leadership Training?
Kim has gone through her own extensive healing concerning painful past experiences and poor decisions.  She volunteered at her local pregnancy resource center for approximately ten years.  During this time she realized women in her church were struggling in silence from past abortion decisions.  So, in 1998 she was trained to train Bible study facilitators and to train trainers.  She went on to develop and oversee the abortion recovery program at Real Options for Women.  The program grew from two facilitators, conducting two groups a year in 1998, to 40 trained facilitators, conducting five groups per week in 2004 as well as weekend retreats.  Also In 2004 she pioneered Hope For The Heart's Abortion Recovery Leadership Training program nationally and internationally (see "About Us").  No mater what country or culture, Kim has witnessed first hand God's word transform a women's heart and mind from sorrow and mourning to joy and dancing with a hope for her future! That journey to freedom has led hundreds to become facilitators and trainers themselves. And because prayer is such a vital part of this ministry, prayer retreats were added for those who desire to journey deeper into their personal prayer life with Christ or to spend time of rest and renewal with Him...
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