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Leadership Training
    "Do You Want to Help Others?"
For churches, pregnancy resource centers, and other organizations who are interested in starting a pregnancy loss ministry, we offer a 3-day Biblical leadership training.  
This in-depth training covers every aspect of the ministry: how to begin, fetal development, characteristics of grief in a pregnancy loss or termination such as recognizing defense mechanisms, impact on relationships as well as how to set up and facilitate 

group sessions. This training also includes practical ways of working with different personality types in a group setting.
Prerequisite: If a pregnancy loss is a part of the potential participants history, completion of a Bible study is encouraged and in some instances required. (See Weekly or Weekends)
“Kim’s practical, comprehensive training steps guide you through everything you need to know to minister effectively to  women. And it can be used with virtually any pregnancy loss Bible study! Learn from the best how to begin a recovery ministry . . .from the ground up. The manual, alone, is worth the price of admission!” 
 ___June Hunt, Founder, CEO & CSO of Hope for the Heart and Author, How to Handle Your Emotions 
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