Journey-    -Freedom - . . . a journey through God's forgiveness and
Overview Workshop
   "Do You Want to Help Others?"
Designed for pastors, professionals and lay ministry leaders this four hour presentation provides an easy to understand introduction to grief and loss issues pertaining to pregnancy loss: miscarriage, stillbirth, after abortion, infertility and an overview of the 3-day leadership training.
Participants discover why this type ministry is so vital to women, their families, the church and community.
"In 47 years of ministry, I have attended dozens of workshops and without hesitation; I can say that Kim is one of the finest "presenters" with whom I have ever had the privilege of hearing/sharing. She is knowledgeable, transparent, well spoken, and stays "on-task" as she leads this workshop.
Having attended both the 3-hour and the 3-day seminars, I can affirm the value of both. The seminar will: instruct you, touch you, challenge you, and change you in ways you will not have expected. It is powerful!
  ___Ronnie Sams, Senior Pastor, First Christian Church Warsaw, Indiana
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