Journey-    -Freedom - . . . a journey through God's forgiveness and

   What Participants Say About Our Training Programs:
"This has been the most awesome ministry training I have ever experienced. Thank You!
"I was greatly blessed by this experience. I am a different person as a result of being here."
"Training was exceptional--presentation effective and given in a very comfortable, useful way--easy to follow."
"I feel that I have been given all the tools necessary to take back to my center to start a post-abortion ministry."
"I just want to say thank you! I have learned so much--I'm grateful for the in-depth training and all the added extras. Sharing all the little things that work and don't work has been great. . .So we don't make the same mistakes."

What Participants Say About the Weekend Retreat:

“I wish every woman who had an abortion would complete this study.  So much healing went on in my heart that I didn’t realize I needed.”
“They were always sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s prompting, not focused on time, but rather on women’s hearts.”
“This program has helped me with issues I didn’t know stemmed from my abortion, i.e., marital problems, coping mechanisms and sabotaging myself with husband, children, and job.”
“Each session gives you questions to ponder, answers to find in the Bible, and total release and forgiveness from our Lord Jesus.”
“This program has literally transformed my life!”
“I felt vulnerable, but not condemned.  They showed me how much God accepts me, despite all the mistakes I’ve made.”
“I cannot believe the changes in my life—my heart is lighter; my days are brighter; all because of this program and the way the Lord used it to help me.”
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