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   "How Do I Become a Trainer?"
This training is specifically designed for individuals who are: 
A) Committed to train Bible study facilitators. The 4-day event explains the Abortion Recovery Leadership Training Manual and PowerPoint presentation step-by-step preparing the individual to train others. A recommendation letter from parent organization and completion of b, c, and d (below) are required. *
B) Completed Leadership Training.  
C) Experienced facilitator of Bible study groups.
D) Affiliated with a church, pregnancy resource center, or other related referral ministry.

* This training can be adapted for use with other Bible studies dealing with loss.

Kim's investment in the abortion recovery ministry established in Trinidad and Tobago, through the Elpis Centre, has truly been a blessing, both to me as Facilitator and Trainer and also to the post-abortive women who have completed the Bible Study.  I have personally been empowered to do the work that the Lord has called me to do because of the coaching that I received from this wonderful Woman of God.  She started off as my Lead Facilitator and Trainer and has now become my Friend and Sister.  I take this opportunity to thank Kim for her selflessness and willing sacrifice in the service of the Most High God!
Denise Dumas-Koylass BA (Hons), MSc. Clinical Psychology
Facilitator/Trainer (Abortion Recovery Ministry)
Elpis Centre
Trinidad and Tobago
West Indies
"Kim's pioneering work on both the curriculum and methodology has resulted in a superlative model, now widely used throughout the United States, as well as in Canada, Africa and Trinidad. In my view, this is the finest ARM leadership training anywhere at any price.”   
___June Hunt, Founder, CEO & CSO of Hope for the Heart and Author, How to Handle Your Emotions
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