Journey-    -Freedom - . . . a journey through God's forgiveness and
Weekly Studies or Weekend Retreats
"Are you hurting from a pregnancy loss or termination?"   
        "Having trouble moving beyond a lifestyle change or event?
                "Want to get closer to Christ through Prayer?"
We offer six confidential Bible studies* in a weekly or weekend retreat setting:

• After Abortion  (max 4 participants)
Miscarriage/Stillbirth  (max 4 participants)
Sexual Wounding e.g. molestation, rape 
    or sexual abuse  (max 3 participants)
• Child Loss  (max 4 participants)
Loss causing lifestyle change e.g. 
    job loss, move  (max 4participants)
Prayer  (max 8 participants) 

To maintain confidentiality for Bible study group members:

A) the subject of the Bible study is only disclosed to group participants and leadership team

B) specific locations are not disclosed

C) all group participants and leadership team sign a confidentiality agreement
D) following a Bible study; leadership team will not acknowledge any group participants (past or present) unless spoken to first by the participant

E) if acknowledged, only the group participant can make introductions or disclose topic studied

 *Bible studies are staffed by volunteers and are not intended as a substitute for 
   professional counseling 

“In 25 years of ministry, some of the most gripping, life-changing stories I’ve ever heard have come from women who have completed Abortion Recovery Weekend Retreats led by Kim. So powerful are the results of this weekend that I’ve personally scholarshipped women to enable them to attend. One of my own staff members participated in a weekend event several years ago and, since then, I have seen her life change dramatically—from codependent and self-sabotaging to confident and godly. In fact, she’s now happily married, leading women’s recovery-groups, and enjoying a life she never dreamed possible before the ARM retreat.”
___June Hunt, Founder & CSO of Hope for the Heart and Author, How to Handle Your Emotions
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