Journey-    -Freedom - . . . a journey through God's forgiveness and
We offer six confidential Bible studies* in a weekly or weekend retreat setting:
•  After Abortion (max 4 participants)
•  Miscarriage (max 4 participants)
•  Sexual Wounding e.g. molestation, rape 
    or sexual abuse  (max 3 participants)
•  Child Loss (max 4 participants)
•  Loss causing lifestyle change e.g. job
    loss, move, etc. (max 4 participants)
•  Prayer (max 8 participants)

Specialized training offered:

•  The basics and How to... Leadership Training (3 days)
•  Overview of Ministry Workshop (4 hour review of 3 day) 
•  "Hands On" Facilitator Training (5 days)
•  Train the Trainer (4 days)
To maintain confidentiality Bible study dates will not be published. Please call us personally for more information at 334-504-8752.

*Bible studies are staffed by volunteers and are not intended as a substitute for professional counseling 
                                     All donations are tax-deductible

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